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Vulpes Film Production’s philosophy is to champion projects that appeal to the public.
The company’s project management strategy consists of developing and promoting events related to the theme of the project, to the partners and to the public, right from the pre-production phase to completion of the project.
Supportive of professional training, it also develops partnerships with universities, schools and other training centres.
The president of Vulpes Film Production Ltd: Capital of €50 000, residing 08-10 rue Mathias Hardt – 1717 Luxembourg, is Florence ROYER


Objectif objectives

Selling short films, feature films and videos in France and internationally,

Events objectives

Organising live shows created on demand,
Organising publicised events,

Communication objectives

Communication platform development Cit9arts,
Carrying out targeted media campaigns,

Vulpes Film Production

SARL Vulpes Film Production
08-10 rue Mathias Hardt
1717 Luxembourg