A musical film about your bar, your story !

About the film

Portrait of a place

Keeper of the testimonies of the soul of its regulars, “AU CŒUR DU MONDE” is a place that tirelessly adapts to all the circumstances of the moment.

Marked by time, tattooed with a message, it is the setting for these lives that it highlights.

Profile of « regulars »

Coming from different walks of life, these unknown stars have grown together, support each other, are so bonding that passers-by can be drawn into the super coaster of life where the security fence doesn't work, where there is no net. no comfort zone but just an outstretched hand.

A hymn to art

This story is also a praise of popular music and dance through the past decades.

Different styles of music, different works with sounds played by instruments from the four corners of Europe will amplify the emotional rhythm of the life of the characters until they evolve into expressions of urban, contemporary, Latin, ballroom dances, of the world or classic !

A hymn to love

Buried in memories, Pépé and Nalie's feelings are revealed in modesty while being disturbed by a ghost from the past.

There is also the story of Pascal who will put himself in danger so as not to be separated from his younger brother.

And then, there are idylls which will be born and evolve to declare themselves.

* Statement of intent :

Whether notable or from the suburbs, from here or elsewhere, today's coffee has retained a social role.

We are no longer in a context where this consumer society is criticized, but at a time when we are looking for other joys than what it can bring us.

It is this same research that explains the success of all mass phenomena: dance classes, sports broadcasts, various artistic or themed events.

It is undeniable that the success of these actions is mainly due to all those bartenders who know how to listen more than the wishes of their customers and to whom I wish to pay tribute.

The film is a perfect blend of escape and realism.

Like all musicals, it offers the possibility of taking the viewer beyond the physical exterior, into the emotional interior of the characters.

We have the harsh reality of the life of the inhabitants of the café, with the intrusion of criminal elements, juxtaposed with moments of joy and intimacy expressed through dance and music.

I really intend to highlight these two worlds and link them together in imaginative and innovative ways, drawing on new technologies and developments from the world of CGI while drawing inspiration from the world of theater and films. music to offer the public an unforgettable cinematographic experience.

The dynamism and energy of young people must be respected through active visual engagement.

The camera should not remain a passive observer of events, but an energetic participant.

Each musical segment should also be treated differently depending on the character's narrative arc, and not just as a single number; otherwise, you will feel like a series of video clips sewn together.

The audience should feel like they are watching a movie.

The casting should reflect the above by engaging professionals with expertise in the required fields.

This film is a great opportunity to discover new talent for the screen, actors chosen for their cinematic and artistic qualities, and not just for their follow on Twitter.

My intention is also to work with top talent in music, cinematography, production design, editing and visual effects.

I will also use a separate lighting designer to work with the cinematographer on the dance sequences to better combine the cinematic and musical elements of the film.

Overall, I want the film to offer a glimpse into the world of today's youth, while remaining a film accessible to everyone.

It should constitute a work in its own right, in the musical genre and the drama.

It shouldn't be an homage to other musical films, but make its own way creatively and artistically.