A musical film about your bar, your story !

It all starts with smart pillars !

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On the musical film « At the heart of the world », with the dimension of famous works especially in times of crisis (see subscription page).

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When cafes, bars, restaurants, artists join in resistance, it is to concoct an after-covid air where the key words will always reign: Hospitality, Friendship, Tolerance !

In support of their actions, their regulars or passing customers, "Au cœur du monde" tells the carnal and funny story of this magical place romanticized by twenty different styles of music and dances.

Behind the counter of a suburban café, "Pépé", the well-sounded sixties, of Italian origin, dressed in a trendy way, live intensely the musical successes of young regulars coming from different cultures and social backgrounds.

Close to them, he became their friend, a reassuring confidant who was very close to sharing their problems.

Only problems, there are many ...

Yet he was not always a bartender.

Between overwork and the reunion of a guitarist friend, will he accept to face a hidden past which changed forever, his destiny ?

Alone, the young and beautiful Nalie protects her secret with devotion.

* Statement of intent :

Whether notable or from the suburbs, from here or elsewhere, today's coffee has retained a social role.

We are no longer in a context where this consumer society is criticized, but at a time when we are looking for other joys than what it can bring us.

It is this same research that explains the success of all mass phenomena: dance classes, sports broadcasts, various artistic or themed events.

It is undeniable that the success of these actions is mainly due to all those bartenders who know how to listen more than the wishes of their customers and to whom I wish to pay tribute.